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You are doing pretty well. You can be satisfied. You are young, professional, ambitious and socially involved. Right? Working life may have just started for you, or you already have some years of experience behind you. Actually there is not much to complain about, but you do miss the motivation for the things you are doing.

Because you want a satisfying job, a life with meaning. You want to contribute to a better world through the things you do and at the same time do those things that you enjoy, the things that energise you. There are so many possibilities, opportunities and choices. But which ones actually really fit to you?

When was the last time you got energy out of what you were doing? When did you feel vital? What intrinsically motivates you?

Why GenerationMotivation?

Millennials are sometimes described as lazy and spoiled. But they are actually very driven. The problem is that they not exactly know what motivates them and therefore want too much (everything). That this can cause problems becomes clear a.o. when generation burn-out is used to describe millennials.

Getting your intrisic motivation clear, enables you to develop in a focused way – as a person and as a professional. A reason why all generations are welcome in this training:
to generate motivation!

Malin en John Strelecky

“We’re all leaders, even if the only person we’re leading is ourselves.”

– John P. Strelecky

In short

  • an intensive 2-day training in a small group at a nice location
  • including coffee, tea and 2x lunch
  • training material and a book of choice from John Strelecky
  • on request the training can be given 1-on-1
  • the training is offered in English, Dutch and German


  • You work on your personal development and discover what motivates you.
  • You define your own success. A compass to live by your own standards from now on.
  • You find more focus and know what you really want. You see more with less!
  • You will literally and figuratively start moving! When the weather is good we’ll go out.
  • You get 100% guarantee that you’ll discover what your 5 most important life goals are.

The Method

In the GenerationMotivation training you work with the Big Five for Life™ method. It is approachable, unique and evolved out of the international bestsellers from John P. Strelecky – one of the most influential persons concerning personal development and leadership.

Malin is certified Big Five for Life™ trainer by Big Five for Life International in the Netherlands.


Check the agenda for training dates coming up and sign up directly. Do you have questions, you want a tailor-made offer or discuss what fits best to you? Send me an email directly to malin@deltalp.nl.


A very special training! The coach’s accessibility and personal openness makes this training approachable on the one hand and creates the possibility to deepen your search on the other hand. The training offers the perfect tools to formulate in 2 days time your personal motivations in life. It is a great gift.



Not sure whether the GenerationMotivation is something for you? Then check the Experience (dutch only): an online training and preview of Big Five for Life™ methode. \ more information »

Does your boss pay?

Big Five for Life™ is an acknowledged and CRKBO registered method. Therefore many employers allow you to use your (personal) education budget. So ask your boss to pay for you! \ more information »

GenerationMotivation with your team?

Doing the GenerationMotivation training together as a team, you will not only discover your own intrinsic motivation, but that of your colleagues as well. Additionally, both employees and employer benefit from more focus and energy. \ more information »

Coming up

We only have trainings in Dutch planned at the moment. Please get in touch with me to discuss the possibilities of doing the training in English – individually or in a group.

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