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If you want to get clear what you really want in life, you have to take the time for it and allow yourself to do so. You may recognise that an answer to a lingering question or problem suddenly pops up riding your bicycle home…

Insights and ideas emerge when we are free in our heads: when we have time or can take the time for ourselves and let go of everything else. For many of us that is a challenge, especially in our society where “being busy” is normal and seems the measure for success.

The Experience helps you pause for a moment so the answers to your personal questions can show themselves. In 5 weeks time (or in your own speed) you work on exercises with guiding videos that will result in valuable insights. And this provides you with an interesting preview of the GenerationMotivation training and the Big Five for Life™ method.

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You get…

(at the moment the Experience is only available in Dutch)

    • a hardcopy workbook because real mail is so much better
    • 5 short videos where I tell you something about the topic (access 1 year)
    • tools that you can immediately apply in your daily life
    • …a preview of the Big Five for Life™ method so you can experience what it has to offer and whether you want more of it!
    • …for € 99,97 incl. btw


In five weeks time you will work on…


  • …examining your use of time
  • …clarifying your personal values
  • …exploring your comfort zone and
  • …discovering your mission in life – your Purpose for Existing

The Method

In the Experience you get to know the Big Five for Life™ method. It is approachable,  unique and evolved out of the international bestsellers from John P. Strelecky – one of the most influential persons concerning personal development and leadership.

Malin is certified Big Five for Life™ trainer by Big Five for Life International in the Netherlands.


A must do for anyone stuck in daily routines.


Feel like a personal conversation?

The Experience is online and you work on it independently. But when you feel the need to have a personal conversation, we can of course organise that. Let me know and we well meet up.

Looking for more?

You want more than an online training and discover your intrinsic motivation interactively? Do the 2-day training GenerationMotivation to get your personal compass even more clear. You will discover your Big Five for Life™: the five things that are really important to you. With these you can start living by your own definition of success. \ more information »

Ready to go?


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