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Do you want your employees to be productive and positive? That they can motivate themselves? Of course! When people can do what they like to do, when they are respected and valued, they will be more productive, healthier and are likely to stay for a long time with the same organisation – yes, even those millennials. Sounds simple? Even more simple: the things that are good for the employee are good for the organisation.

Sustainable employability it is called nowadays. To achieve it, employee satisfaction is an important precondition. Therefore, make sure that the goals of the organisation and the goals of the individuals are clear and mutually aligned.

“The truly modern company avoids an obsession with technology and puts quality of life first.”

– Ricardo Semler (Maverick!)


  • An intensive and approachable 2-day training
  • For individual employees or the whole team
  • For more motivated employees: more productive, more innovative and more goal oriented
  • For more self-awareness, responsibility and focus


  • Get a taste of the Big Five for Life™ method
  • An interesting and interactive introduction
  • For a team or group

Big Five for Life™
for Business

  • For more focus and a strategic compass for your organisation
  • For an inspiring vision and concrete goals
  • For personal leadership throughout the whole organisation

This programme is in development and can be offered on request and in cooperation with Big Five for Life International


  • A practical tool for monitoring employee satisfaction
  • A continuous finger on the pulse
  • Simple, easy, quick and reliable

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Want it for your organisation and employees? Ask for a quotation. Do you have questions or want to discuss what fits your organisation best? Send me an email directly on malin@deltalp.nl to make an appointment.

CRKBO registered

Big Five for Life™ is an acknowledged and CRKBO registered method. Therefore many organisations offer and pay for the training through employees’ (personal) education budget. Do you want to let your employees benefit from more focus and motivation?


Big Five for Life™ is an internationally known and applied method. The GenerationMotivation training can be offered in English, Dutch and German.

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