\ About Malin

I am Malin. I feel as much at home on my ‘omafiets’ in the Netherlands as in the Swiss mountains. That while I grew up in the equally beautiful “flat” part of Switzerland. After my master education in the Netherlands I slowed down more and more in the “ratrace” that you almost automatically end up in as a young professional.

At a certain moment I intentionally chose to leave this bubble and go my own way. I had always been predominantly guided by the school system and the expectations of society. It provided me with a logical path that promised success, but it was not the path that fit to me. I felt that I could not show what I am capable of and who I am – it resulted in frustration, a shortage of satisfaction and even physical complaints.

During my search on my newly taken path, I stumbled upon the book “The Big Five for Life”. It strengthened me not only in my choice to pave my own path, but also opened my eyes to find another way to give substance to sustainable entrepreneurship. Because that is my educational background and it is one of my strongest drivers. It is a theme that fits to me, but the activities and career that came with it in studies, internships and first working experiences did not.

I learned – or actually am still learning – to give substance to my intrinsic motivation for sustainability in a way that fits to me and that allows me to live by my own definition of success.

My goal is to get others start moving, fysically and mentally, litteraly and figuratively, because I see and hear to often about (young) people who lost their vitality and connection to themselves. Too many are walking on the edge or are burned out. I guide especially young professionals in finding their intrinsic motivation for more focus and energy. And I want to help them in applying their own definition of success. To find themselves and the things that fit to them in an abundance of possibilities, choices and external expectations.

I am convinced that people who are satisfied, enjoying and live by their own values, will contribute more, consciously or unconsciously, to a sustainable future – for themselves, their loved ones and the world.

My B(P)ig Five for Life

Experience the connectedness with nature and its beauty
Let nature flourish
Health starts with yourself
Enjoy simplicity with the senses
Bring people into the present – into life

Do you have the courage to move in your direction?

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