Why are you here?

What is your definition of success? What is actually important to you?

Questions to consider and to carefully listen for the answers that pop up. Because in our fast society it is challenging to stay (close to) yourself. In my training programmes I help young professionals to find out what is good for them. For more satisfaction, health and productivity.

  • From “this is my fifth coffee already” to your own productivity
  • From choice overload to focus
  • From FOMO to letting go
  • From perfectionism to “failing forward
  • From control to trust
  • From “then and later” to now

Privately or in your career, as an employee or leader: it is about time to put quality of life first.

\ programmes


  • an intensive but approachable 2-day training at a nice location
  • discover in a short time what motivates you and what is actually important to you
  • tools to outline your own path with more focus and motivation

online training

  • an online training for five weeks to start on your own
  • a workbook and guiding videos
  • a preview of the Big Five for Life™ method and first valuable insights and practical tools

Business & Organisations

  • personal development and sustainable employability for your employees
  • tackle the challenge of satisfied young professionals
  • benefit from intrinsically motivated employees
  • more focus and a strategic compass for your organisation

The training offers the perfect tools to formulate your personal motivations in life in only 2 days time. It is a great gift.


I would recommend this everyone. […] Through exercises, talking and a journey with yourself you go all the way back to the essential. It is a nice clearing and great to work on for 2 days.


This workshop makes a lot clear concerning happiness in this complex society where everyone seems to be perfect on insta, where everyone who doesn’t learn more falls behind and where good can always be better.


\ agenda

We only have trainings in Dutch planned at the moment. Please get in touch with me to discuss the possibilities of doing the training in English – individually or in a group.

Get to know me first?

You just want to get to know me personally to see whether a training with me is something for you? No problem: send me an email and we’ll find a moment for a call or to get a coffee together.

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